1. Browse social media to improve your skills, not to see how well your post is doing or how well someone else’s post is doing.
  2. Read other’s posts carefully and use the lessons learnt for your own development.
  3. Social media helps you grow and could also destroy you. Choose what you want for yourself.
  4. Simply getting tips from others is no good until you can implement them and see the results manifest.
  5. What works for others may not work for you. But if one method fails, that’s not the end of the road. It’s just time to change lanes.
  6. Find time to do what motivates you, but don’t get overwhelmed.
  7. Breaks are important, but only after the task is done. Its good to make a note at the start of the day of all that needs to be completed on that day itself.
  8. A well spent day gives you joy that nothing else can…try it. You will be addicted.




An everyday writer, blogger ( https://www.janakiweb.wordpress.com), mom.

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An everyday writer, blogger ( https://www.janakiweb.wordpress.com), mom.

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