Day 97/100
Once in a while, we all need a change of routine. I’m not referring to a break, it’s just a slight change of routine. Break is when you take off for vacation, relax, perhaps not doing much of regular work, getting pampered and more. Change of routine is when you are at the different place but maybe doing similar work for a couple of days.

Two days back I came to stay over at my aunt’s place because her son and his family had to attend an important function. Though my routine here was similar to what I was doing at home, yet there was a difference. I was mentally relaxed, away from my son and his school activities, away from my busy life to some quiet. I could read, write and spend lots of time to do what I wanted. Mentally, I’m charged and ready to go back home.

Sometimes, a simple change to the routine can go a long way to help destress. In fact, we may never know that we need the change until we get it. That’s when we realise that this was the missing link that we were looking for all along. And I would request people, particularly women to not feel guilty about taking off from the noise to some place where we can find ourselves some rest and comfort. 2 days is no big deal when it is done with the right intention. And when you finally get back home, you will be welcomed with smiles-- a priceless treasure. Try it once in a while and tell me how it felt.