…And Today, I Take A Bow!!

Day 100/100
I would’ve been happy if 100/100 would’ve been my score for any exam in school…but that never happened. 😉Jokes apart, today I take a bow. What started as a challenge from myself, to myself, against myself comes to an end. But this is not the end, but a beginning of my writing journey. Oh yes, I write alright, but from now on, I will write regularly. This competition has humbled me because at the outset, I never thought I could write everyday for 100 days; I’m poor at habit formation and horribly inconsistent. I hate routine and doing repeated tasks. But in the end, I surprised myself. Because I resisted several attempts to give up. Not just that, I did what I hated to do-- being consistent. Perhaps, it’s just human-- when it comes to self-respect, we invariably outdo ourselves, no matter how much it is against our very own nature.

I also understood in these 100 days that just as they say, dance as if no one is watching, we must write as if no one is reading. Yes…when you write because you like to write, why should you worry about statistics and numbers? How does it matter who read your post and who didn’t unless you have other reasons for writing? That is when you send your links to people and ask them to read and like your post and well, people do oblige. I had no such need and therefore I never worried about who came to my page and who simply scrolled down. But then, even when you’re not expecting, things do happen. So there were some who visited and commented on my writings every day. I wish to thank them whole heartedly. They are not my fans; in fact, I’m theirs.

No matter how busy I was on certain days, I always had it in the back of my mind that my post for the day is due. So, on certain days I was typing furiously even after 10 p.m. because I didn’t want to miss out on a single day and then try and make up for it. In a way, writing became similar to brushing the teeth. No matter how late wake up or in a hurry for something, you never miss brushing your teeth first thing in the morning, isn’t it? That’s how I wish writing to become for me…no matter what, I must write a few lines a day. And for that to happen, I must read everyday. Both are conjoined, right?

Habit can be formed at any age. But it has to be sustained. That’s the toughest part. Once you get into the groove, you will find it irresistible to give up. This goes for rising early, exercising, praying ( yes, praying too, can become a habit), eating healthy, reading, writing or anything else that your heart desires. And once the habit is formed and it gets stuck to you, it gives you joy like no other. Try it!!

So, while the 100 days comes to a close, the road doesn’t end here until my journey in this life ends. So, see you soon with more write ups. If you have been thinking of getting into a habit, now is the time. Whatever it is, get started. You never know what you’re capable of until you try and begin.