Are You Ready For Podding Up?

Image credit: Collage made from 2 images taken from Pexels.

In the West, some parents came together, arranged a teacher to tutor children numbering between 3–10 and made learning safe and fun. Schools are shut, but learning materials are available so parents decided to try this new alternative. This, they thought, would give children what they need and parents can rest assured that children are safe. In fact, some services were started in parts of America to match groups of families with a suitable tutor. This also provided job opportunities for many who might have lost jobs during the pandemic but had the requisite qualification and expertise to teach children.

I think this is a fantastic alternative given the situation we are in. Children can enjoy spending time with friends and getting educated while we can be sure that safety norms are followed and hence our kids are safe. The pandemic has given rise to many new alternatives to accomodate the 'new normal' and I think it’s a good option to try. One possible drawback is perhaps the cost which might be on the higher side, but so is homeschooling. Besides, it is definitely possible to group children who cannot afford the exorbitant cost and provide it free for them. While those who can afford, can do so for a price. We need to rise above the crisis and not allow the virus to bring our life to a standstill…let’s get some thinking done. What do you say?

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