Clickbait To Success?

Day 94/100
Have you ever clicked on a story/news online because the headline seduced you into it? Well….it happens to many of us. At some point or the other we are all victims of clicking on a link because the headline enticed us into it. And these headlines are called clickbait, a bait to make the ever busy scroller pause and walk in. And soon, you realise that you’ve been tricked into it, but there’s nothing you can do though the writer’s purpose is achieved.

Every profession has its ethics, moral values that you live by when you practice it. But today, TRP is everything, algorithm rules and people are out to make money by whatever means available-- fair or otherwise. And readers are so stressed sometimes that they don’t mind deviating from mainstream to some gossip or light news. In fact, many a times, the reader knowingly falls into the pit. But at the end of the day, is this the way to make money? Can you maintain you brand if you continue this practice? Are readers foolish enough to come back a second time to be tricked by you? What is the ultimate gain when the success is short-lived? And why this desperation? It probably means that real news or information has no buyers.

It bothers me when people resort to deviant methods to reach a goal. A generation that is so restless, so busy, least bothered about professionalism-- well, it’s a bad sign to where we are headed. Let’s hope this goes away soon.