Day 52/100
Is it easy to declutter, whether the mind or the physical space around us? Not at all…of course we can take the help of meditation and mindfulness to help the stressed mind calm down and declutter to an extent. What about the physical space?

Humans have a tendency to hoard. They always collect/buy things in anticipation that it will certainly be of use in the future. And this assumption is not entirely wrong. Similarly, when we browse the cyberspace, we download stuff and stack it away for reading in future and that “future" never comes. When courses are on a discount, books and documents are available for free, we simply don’t stop to think of its use before clicking the download button. Next come friend requests and groups on social media-- Facebook and Instagram. How many groups do we randomly join based simply on interest? How many of the posts from these groups and friends do we actually read everyday. Sometimes, we even forget which groups we are members of.

Last year, towards the end I began to realise that these groups on social media were taking a toll on my mental health. Because I’m into content writing I chose to join several writing groups. And now each of these groups have weekly prompts for prose/poetry/fiction and competitions take place at all times. Then the winners are announced and another competition starts. I did participate in a few but never got a prize. But I realised that with time, I was neither able to keep track or write much. This in turn made me feel if it was just me or was everyone feeling the same? I’m not sure of that, though. So as the year was about to end, I decided that I’m going to come out of all those groups that I don’t actively participate in or those that don’t really interest me. One morning I sat down to do just that and I was appalled to see the sheer number of groups I had to come out of. This exercise was time-consuming but it helped me feel better. Now I see only relevant stuff on my news feed. Stuff that doesn’t intimidate me. I’m calmer, controlled, happy. I suggest you should do this too.

Why have so much on your plate? Get only as much as can be processed by the mind and worked upon. Life will be a lot easier, believe me. So here’s to a clutter-free cyber world for me from now on-- cheers!!

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