Have You Shared Your (Life)Seat Yet?

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Day 13/100

They talk about seat sharing in politics, but isn’t marriage also a kind of seat sharing? Having occupied a single seat all along, one has to share that space with someone else. For some it’s comfortable, some make it comfortable while others give up mid way.

It’s hard to imagine how humans developed a system of settling down with complete strangers only to extend their lineage. Why would they have decided on strangers? Why not someone known? This needs to be pondered on.

Again it’s strange that while some arranged marriages last for even as long as 50+ years, some love marriages crumble down even before a decade. In that sense is an unknown devil better than a known one? What changes when one starts sharing space with the other? What part of 'seat sharing' brings in irreconcilable differences while the same people got along very well before marriage?

Marriage is a huge gamble, one in which we willingly put our lives at stake. If we hit the jackpot, we are saved but we might also hit the rock bottom. After checking horoscopes, checking every minute detail, initialising the marriage ceremony at the most auspicious time and date is no guarantee for success in the long run. In fact, some people are unlucky not just the first time but many times over.

Truly, the whole concept of this system of seat sharing is far more complicated than that experienced in politics…don’t you agree? Have you shared your (life) seat yet? How’s it going?

An everyday writer, blogger ( https://www.janakiweb.wordpress.com), mom.

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An everyday writer, blogger ( https://www.janakiweb.wordpress.com), mom.

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