Day 20/100
When you come across a writing which has many new, difficult words what do you think of it? Does it make you happy because you could learn several new words or does it irritate you because you couldn’t proceed from one sentence to the next without referring to the dictionary several times. Today, you have the Kindle with an in-built dictionary so you can quickly look up the meaning. Back in those days, when Kindle was yet unknown, you had to sit with a dictionary for every new word whose meaning was unknown to you. Frankly, I belong to category 2.

Learning a new word can be exciting but not when that’s the only thing you do when reading a book. The flow is lost, the book takes ages to complete though you may have learnt several new words in the process. That does 'nt entice me at all.

For me, a good writing is simple. It has short sentences. It is relatable and it touches you in some way. Oh yes! The grammar has to be perfect-- no two thoughts on that! But too many difficult words destroys the charm. It seems as though the writer’s main priority is to project his knowledge of uncommon words; the story is secondary. I neither read nor write like that. Keep it simple-- straight to the point and into the reader’s heart.

What’s your choice? Would you rather say anagapesis or fallen out of love with someone? I would choose the latter.