Make A Note Before They Vanish

Day 77/100
If you are a writer then you can certainly relate to this situation. When you’re just about to sleep, powerful sentences start rolling inside your head. Sentences which would certainly look more good on paper than in the head. You feel this instant urge to note them down somewhere when you realise it’s very late in the night. The other half of you tells you to sleep; it can be put down on paper tomorrow morning. After all, it’s in your head and cannot be stolen. And you do listen to this side of you because it’s easier than getting up and writing at such an unearthly hour when you could be blissfully sleeping. Wonder of wonders! In the morning when you do sit down to write, every word, every letter of those powerful sentences that were dancing around you last night simply vanish without a trace!!! No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to get even an inch of those back. Realtable? Well, you’re not alone…welcome to the club.

Why does it happen? Because good writing does not happen at an allotted time and place. It comes to you when everything around you is silent, when you mind is peaceful and when you don’t have to attend to a million things at a time. Which is also why (I suppose) writers prefer to be at a place that keeps them away from the daily humdrum. Writing is not easy; good writing certainly isn’t. It need not be fancy, but something that you put down on paper and people can relate to. They already know it’s true and hence believe you. That’s the magic-- not big words and complex sentences. It’s everyday experiences put down in simple words. Mind you, writing in simple words that woo your audience is no easy task.

The next time ideas strike, keep your phone next to you. Download apps that help you jot down points. Don’t wait until tomorrow….because tomorrow may come, but your precious thoughts, well….they may simply evaporate!! 😉

An everyday writer, blogger (, mom.

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An everyday writer, blogger (, mom.

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