Need Of The Hour-- Human Values

Day 99/100
When this life ends, people will remember you more for how you treated them rather than your material accomplishments. Given this fact, isn’t it more important that you give more weightage to your moral values? Be kind when possible, return a favor, help, smile and pass the good vibrations around.

Life is never the same. It has its ups and downs and we know this. Today’s happiness or unhappiness will not be static. It will pass. In the same way, if you are poor today, you may reach the top of the financial ladder soon. Again, if you are already at the top, you may slip down anytime. The last year gave us a glimpse of reality in its own way. People lost everything —jobs, money, family and friends without a warning. Some came back from the brink of death. We started valuing relationships and life at large. Being alive each day seemed a blessing. We spread love, hope and kindness among each other. But today, when the situation has changed a wee bit, people have gone back to square one — becoming selfish and reckless, partying and enjoying without any adherence to safety measures. Human values have once again taken a back seat. Is being human so difficult? Does it depend only on upbringing or can it be acquired? Many of us spend hours at the altar, preaching others about an ideal life and living, studying sacred chants and once that is done, we are back to our inhuman self. As I write this, I realise that I am no realized soul myself; I falter too. But I do feel the guilt and apologize. I owe it to my family, my parents, sisters and grandmother who taught me the importance of remorse and the value of an apology; they taught me the significance of human values in one’s life. So, to this day, I’m able to practice it and pass it on to my son.

I don’t intend to get preachy here. All I want to say is, its never too late to change for the better. Life is temporary, why carry the baggage of guilt all the way to the other world. Travel light, be a good human, do good, let people really miss you when you are gone.