No Comparisons, Please!!

Day 58/100
Didn’t I tell you I’m attending a workshop on storytelling? I’m not telling you about the workshop, I’m not promoting it or reviewing it. But I’m here to share an observation that’s useful to all-- within and outside the workshop.

Never compare your skills and talent with anyone. You can be inspired by others, but no comparisons please!! Each one of us has inherent talent/s which others might not have. Sometimes we may be aware of it, sometimes not, sometimes someone else may see that spark in us which we may not be able to see. Not having a talent is not bad anyway. However, while talent cannot be acquired, skills can be. You may not be able to modulate your voice, for instance, but you can still acquire acting skills and become an actor. So, always look at others to get inspired, not to look down upon yourself. There are tons of skills one can acquire. Push yourself towards that. Feeling bad for yourself, self pity based on comparison is simply a waste of time and an escape tactic that prevents you from achieving something bigger. And this holds good not just for adults but for children too.

So, what skills did you acquire during this pandemic?

An everyday writer, blogger (, mom.

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An everyday writer, blogger (, mom.

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