The Keyboard Warriors: When Will They Stop?

Day 87/100
We live at a time when each of us feels entitled to comment on every issue, even though he/she is not remotely connected to it. For instance, naming of a celebrity’s child, why a popular cricketer didn’t play well on a certain day, why did a celebrity commit suicide, to name a few. It doesn’t stop with comments, it goes all the way to issuing threats and calling out names. Of course, the Constitution of India gives everyone the freedom to express; it guarantees Freedom of Speech, but how much is too much? Where do we draw the line?

Sometimes, I wonder where do people have so much time to bother about others and their lifestyles, their conduct in public and so on. We do watch news and it’s perfectly okay to read some gossip. Why bother about extending that thought further into the day? Is it to garner attention? Or is it pursuit of a hobby? Or is it exercising the so called freedom to speak?

With the rapid spread of technology, everyone has access to Internet and data. Do they even understand their responsibility? Do they understand the stress and pressure they create and do they understand how much it can psychologically affect the concerned person or his/her family? Do they realise that sometimes it can incite violence and hate and someone innocent will bear the brunt of his/her irresponsibility? I have known people who have the tendency to connect all loose ends. There are those whose thinking is always convoluted, always negative. And there are also those who bring in a “women" angle to every issue.

It’s time we understood our responsibility as humans to our fellow human beings. Sometimes the best solution is to be quiet, especially when commenting can do more harm. Cyber bullying must go. Everyone has the right to live peacefully and we have no business to alter that. Freedom of expression also comes with restrictions; the sooner we understand that, the better it is for all.