On The Other Side Of The Pandemic

Day 37/100

This post is inspired by Seth Godin’s write up for today. While many of us have lost a lot during the course of this year, that is not the complete story. There is another side to the pandemic.

A lot of productive work was done this year. People pulled up their individual and collective strength and did a lot of impossible tasks. Migrant labourers were fed, online classes were held, offices shifted to the comforts of the home, frontline workers excelled in their services to the people.

We learnt that we could stay indoors for months together, if need be. We realised that remote work was possible. We could save the environment by choosing not to go out. The earth breathed, the birds sang.

We learnt a huge lesson in compassion by helping our neighbours and friends if they tested positive for COVID. We helped house helps by paying them extra. We wore masks and sanitized ourselves — health took a priority.

Of course, there were aberations; nothing is perfect in this world, isn’t it? Yet, let us not forget that while many lost people, many added a new member to their families this year. Marriages were held, students graduated, milestones were celebrated-- nothing stopped completely. It felt that all was not lost, after all. Of course, this year will go down history where all public celebrations went online for the first time, but people embraced the 'new normal' and tried their best to get innovative to make the best of these celebrations. So along with destruction, in Seth Godin’s words, many new seeds were sown. Seeds, which will bloom after many years to tell the tale of man’s fight with the virus. Ultimately, we didn’t allow the virus to win over us and that is all that matters, isn’t it?

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