Reel Vs Real

Day 93/100
Once you are a popular, no matter which field you are in, you get enough supporters for whatever you do. Your tweet will get a million shares, half of those sharing wouldn’t even know what the tweet is about. 😉 Oh! and you could even write a book…you can post previews and stories of your book and people will go gaga over it. It may be an extremely normal, day to day story, so what? You will be paid in millions. Even if your book is not a bestseller, it will be declared one. Who’s going to check if it is or isn’t? You can endorse local brands in public, but continue to use luxurious International products in private. You get my point, right?

Normal people struggle to get some audience to their work, to get noticed, to make a mark in their field, however small. For them, these are little happiness that dot their lives. They struggle every minute of the day in the hope that something big will happen someday. While that might never happen, celebrities are pampered for what they aren’t and are paid in millions when they already have everything in abundance. It’s ridiculous when you see that children of celebrities have fan pages with millions of followers! It just means that you don’t need any skills/talent. You simply must be in the right place…followers will make a beeline behind you. And for those less fortunate, you must continue the struggle. Who knows, lady luck may take pity on you and then not just you, even your children can bask in the artificial light cast on them…until then, keep your tolerance and patience levels sane and pull up your socks!! 😊