Resfeber: Are You One?

Day 16/100
Before I go into it, let me tell you what it means. It’s a new word, a noun which describes a feeling of fear and excitement that a traveler feels before embarking on a journey. It’s basically the heart feeling restless before the journey begins.

I always experience it. When I plan a journey, which is not too often, I’m very excited until the very end. But when I’m about to start, I somehow feel anxious and want to cancel everything and stay at home. From the evening before, the restlessness starts. It’s very uncomfortable. Sometimes even when I go to visit my parents for an annual vacation, I become a resfeber. The same happens when it’s time to head back after the vacation ends. I almost want to cry. I hate to pack my bags, I can’t concentrate on what to take and what to leave, how to pack them….I totally feel lost. I don’t know why it happens. In fact until I came across this word, I didn’t even know that such a feeling could be described!

Are you a resfeber? Hop on to my boat….we can share experiences!!