Say It, When The Time Is Right

Day 95/100
“ Nothing haunts us like the things we don’t say.”

Mitch Albom

How often have you regretted for not having said something you ought to have? When the right time is gone, when the person has left us, that is when the guilt comes to haunt us — forever. That’s why, say it when it has to be said, when it is to be said. It could be a feeling of love, of gratefulness, an apology, a kind word, a blessing-- anything. Drop that ego, let go off the hesitation and just say it. Who knows, we may lose that person forever and never get the opportunity again. What will be left behind is only regret.

If you are reading this, the next thing you do is pick up the phone or drive down to express your feelings. Even if the other person does not receive it the way you wish them to, don’t worry. The albatross is off your neck, isn’t it?

Are you ready?

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