Some Special Days In A Year…Why Do We Need Them?

This morning Google reminded me that 3 March is 'World Wildlife Day .’ But did you know it is also 'National I Want You To Be Happy Day’ and ’World Hearing Day’? The immediate thought that came to my just-awakened brain was, who decides these?

I often hear people saying, what about the other days? Aren’t you supposed to make others happy, promote hearing awareness and care about the wildlife on days before or after 03 March? That’s the problem with these specific days. When they are about to approach, arrangements are made to increase awareness and promote celebrations around the themes chosen for the year. And when that day passes, we stop caring about it and concentrate on the next one. Well…who is to blame? No one. Yet, it is important to understand that to have a day in the year earmarked for certain important issues that affect the planet is necessary because at least on that day, we read about it, ruminate on it and do our bit to promote awareness. It also means that when you read and share, you consciously work towards finding solutions to these problems, in your own way. No step is big or small. It is the thought and the consistent effort that matters. And when it is done consistently, however small, the action becomes a habit. And thus we do our bit. We also inspire others with our actions and thereby it moves around making a gradual but necessary impact. So why not?

So, who are you going to make happy today? What are you planning to do to save our wildlife? Oh and by the way, read up to understand how to promote awareness on deafness and spread the word. It might help someone. If not anything, try to be sympathetic towards those at home who are hard of hearing. That’s the least you can do!!