What If Life Didn’t Have A Control Z Option?

Day 76/100

Yesterday, I wrote an article using my phone and with just one wrong key, I accidentally deleted the whole article. All my attempts to undo the delete and recover the article was in vain. Of course, I did download the formatting+ app, but it was too late because this particular article could not be retrieved. I did not pay attention and therefore reminded myself of the the fact that a phone is useful only to a certain extent.

Some useful lessons learnt from a rather frustrating evening were:

i) We cannot and perhaps should not try to extend the phone beyond its functionality unless we have all the additional tools to aid the phone to stretch its use.

ii) When we want to do serious work, we must not be lazy to switch on the laptop, however time-consuming it may be. Saving and formatting are best done on the laptop.

iii)Save, Save, Save….especially if you are working on a phone. If needed after each sentence.

At some point, I did realize that I had to rewrite the complete article from a scratch, no matter how frustrating it was. Because practically there was no other workable solution to it. While doing that, a random thought crossed my mind. What if it took just a single button to erase and make some people/memories unretrievable, how would it be. Useful? But it's also possible that we could be at the receiving end, isn't it? For now, we must be happy that technology has not made that possible, otherwise rather than simply blocking people on social media, we would be permanently deleting their memories from our lives. Not a pleasant idea, especially the thought of someone doing that to me. Thank God, Control Z works not just in computers but in life too. Phew!!

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