Writer’s Block: When Nothing Seems To Work

Day 18/100
Does it happen only to writers? I suppose everyone has a blank day once in a while no matter what profession they are in. Since I write, I am referring to the writer’s block specifically.

Today is my day. No amount of reading, browsing, thinking, listening to podcast is giving me any ideas to write. I’m sure there are tons of stuff that can be written about. The problem is, my senses are not ready to grasp any of them today.

What does one do on such days? I suppose take a break; not writing either anything serious or frivolous. However, this should not become an excuse for abstaining from work, in my case writing. Because if we allow excuses to take over, we will be enchanted to beckon it more often….believe me, it happens, so don’t even try.

Sometimes, you feel that the block continues for days together. When that happens, it’s depressing because no matter how much you work, you realise it’s not up to the mark. You’d rather not submit such a work because even you don’t approve of it. At such times, the only sane thing to do is to divert yourself, very briefly to focus on something that calms the mind. This could happen anytime, specially when you’re under stress for something personal or professional. Don’t panic. And don’t give up. Keep reminding yourself that this is temporary and you need to get back to where you belong at the earliest. Don’t worry, everyone has been here but no one settles here permanently. So pack your bags and be prepared to leave soon.